Tuesday, March 10, 2015

compiled from relational database created by Abigail Cooper

Interactive Map of Refugee Camps, 1861-1865
An Online Supplement to the Dissertation of Abigail Cooper, University of Pennsylvania, 2015
Click on map and drag to navigate to American South.  Zoom as needed by using + / - in upper left corner.
Map markers are set in Civil War period; therefore select "Satellite" in upper right corner for best viewing experience. To view terrain without modern-day layers, un-check "Labels" under "Satellite."
Click on any red dot to see pop-up with short description and notes on each camp from my dissertation database.

Note: FSSP=Freedmen and Southern Society Project; BME=Black Military Experience (FSSP Freedom Documentary Ser. 1, Vol. 1); WTG-US and WTG-LS=Wartime Genesis of Free Labor-Upper South and Lower South (FSSP Freedom Documentary Ser. 1, Vols. 2 and 3); L&L=Land and Labor (FSSP Freedom Documentary Ser. 3, Vol. 1); WPA=Works Progress Administration interviews with former slaves from the 1930s 

NOTE TO VIEWERS: THIS IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS. If you would like to email me with suggestions for this interactive map, please do so. Label your email "REFUGEE CAMP MAP." You can use the following sub-labels:  "NEW CAMP" (suggesting I add a camp not shown here); "MISLABELED CAMP"; "GEOCODE ERROR" (for camp in the wrong spot) ; "SOURCE SUGGESTION" (for primary or secondary source you suggest I add) ; "OTHER" for any other suggestion. Your email subject then would be, for example: "REFUGEE CAMP MAP: NEW CAMP" or "REFUGEE CAMP: OTHER" with the content of your suggestion and your full name (so I can acknowledge you properly). My email is abcooper@brandeis.edu.

Credits: Special acknowledgment goes to Research Assistant and Editor Arielle Gordon, Department of History, Brandeis University; and to Coordinate Research Assistant Alexander Cooper, Geography and Hydrogeology, University of Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Database Description

This project documents in a detailed database the everyday life and actions of African Americans in the making of emancipation in refugee camps of the American Civil War. The database identifies the names and locations of the refugee camps that the United States government set up for runaway slaves beginning in May 1861, continuing through the end of the war and into the dismantling of the camps in the summer and fall of 1865. In addition to the names and locations, this database will also track population statistics over time in each camp. Each camp entry will include a camp description that gives a concise profile detailing: the actions of runaway slaves in the camps, the changes in population movement and events in camp over time, and the major activities of the Union and Confederate armies and aid organizations in the camps. Each entry will include the dates of operation of the camp as well as the primary and secondary sources from which the author retrieved the data.