Tuesday, March 10, 2015

compiled from relational database created by Abigail Cooper

Interactive Map of Refugee Camps, 1861-1865
An Online Supplement to the Dissertation of Abigail Cooper, University of Pennsylvania, 2015
Click on map and drag to navigate to American South.  Zoom as needed by using + / - in upper left corner.
Map markers are set in Civil War period; therefore select "Satellite" in upper right corner for best viewing experience. To view terrain without modern-day layers, un-check "Labels" under "Satellite."
Click on any red dot to see pop-up with short description and notes on each camp from my dissertation database.

Note: FSSP=Freedmen and Southern Society Project; BME=Black Military Experience (FSSP Freedom Documentary Ser. 1, Vol. 1); WTG-US and WTG-LS=Wartime Genesis of Free Labor-Upper South and Lower South (FSSP Freedom Documentary Ser. 1, Vols. 2 and 3); L&L=Land and Labor (FSSP Freedom Documentary Ser. 3, Vol. 1); WPA=Works Progress Administration interviews with former slaves from the 1930s 

NOTE TO VIEWERS: THIS IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS. If you would like to email me with suggestions for this interactive map, please do so. Label your email "REFUGEE CAMP MAP." You can use the following sub-labels:  "NEW CAMP" (suggesting I add a camp not shown here); "MISLABELED CAMP"; "GEOCODE ERROR" (for camp in the wrong spot) ; "SOURCE SUGGESTION" (for primary or secondary source you suggest I add) ; "OTHER" for any other suggestion. Your email subject then would be, for example: "REFUGEE CAMP MAP: NEW CAMP" or "REFUGEE CAMP: OTHER" with the content of your suggestion and your full name (so I can acknowledge you properly). My email is abcooper@brandeis.edu.

Credits: Special acknowledgment goes to Research Assistant and Editor Arielle Gordon, Department of History, Brandeis University; and to Coordinate Research Assistant Alexander Cooper, Geography and Hydrogeology, University of Pennsylvania.